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Friend Friday- Do You Have Spring Fever?

Yesterday, it was cold enough to have snow flurries where I live, although I'm thankful the snow didn't collect. Today it's going to be in the 60's. Isn't that a crazy turn-around? I have Spring Fever! I'm opening the windows whenever I can, even if it means I have to wear a sweater. 

I'm indoors today working on some writing projects, but I'm hoping someone out there is enjoying the spring weather. I'm also thinking of all of the people in the states affected by tornadoes this week. What a tragedy! My prayers go out to all of those who have lost homes and loved ones. 

For Friend Friday, this week, I can't wait to see your spring projects and recent blog posts. Link up below and share your blog or website with us. You never know! I might feature your blog or your project on a Transformation Tuesday in the future.


Basket Makeover- What Would You Have Done?

I have a lot of baskets, but I don't always make good use of them. I received a wooden basket as a gift some time ago, but I thought it was time to spruce it up a little. I found it in my stash when I was looking for something to keep magazines in on my coffee table.
 I'm about to show you what I did with it, since I missed Transformation Tuesday yesterday, but since today is WWYD Wednesday, I thought I'd ask what you might have done with it if it was yours. Leave your ideas in the comments section below. Who knows, I might get tired of this version and try yours someday.

I decided to try weaving torn strips of quilting scraps in and out of the slots.
I wove every other strip the opposite way and then tied them at the top. If the strips weren't long enough, I added another piece with a simple knot where it wouldn't show on the inside of the basket.
 I think it looks nice on my coffee table.

Friend Friday- Happy Easter

It's Friend Friday and I'm wondering what you're doing for Easter. Do you make seasonal projects, put up decorations or bake up a storm in the kitchen? I made a lot of bread, rolls and tea ring today for our Easter dinner.

A family tradition

Today, we'll attend Good Friday services and then on Sunday we'll have the sunrise service, a breakfast and another service. I don't really put out Easter time I guess. My kids still love hunting for eggs and baskets at Grandpa's farm even though they are in high school. Their dad usually hides their baskets up in trees or places that take some time to find.

So, link up to your blog and tell us what you did this week, seasonal or unseasonal. I can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Transformation Tuesday- Ikea Makeover

I've been trying to be very disciplined about several big writing projects, so I've not been able to do any of my own transformations to show you. However, my fellow bloggers never let me down with ideas. 

Check out this fabulous re-do of Ikea furniture from Stephanie, blog owner of My Crafty Days. Stephanie did a great job and you'll want to check out the full post on her website to get the step by step of her decision to paint her furniture. Here's her before and after.
 Now, I know some of you will find nothing wrong with the before picture, but I understand how it is when you just get tired of something.
I love how the lighter color of the cabinet shows off the colored pans she has inside now. And the black table is downright classy. With the wood floor, the painted furniture gives the room a more upscale look that is less country.

Don't be afraid of paint! Thanks for proving it to us Stephanie.

Photo of the Week Unveil- Did you guess what it was?

Lot of you guessed about what last week's photo was a closeup of. It was part of the floor grates the cover the drains at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. They've made even the functional parts of the floors beautiful to look at.

Here are a few more angles.
Wouldn't these make beautiful wall hangings?

Friend Friday - Leave a Link

Thanks for the Friend Friday responses last week. I had a blast teaching my class on blogging and showing them all the fun tools like Simply Linked. I took a few photos while I was away speaking at the conference. We had a faculty dinner at a restaurant that had some cool stuff hanging on the wall. All I had with me was my iPod, so the pictures aren't quite as good.
 What did you blog about this week? Leave a link below for Friend Friday.

What Would You Do Wednesday- Weathervane

The weather is starting to warm up here in the north woods, and I'm itching to get outside. I have this weathervane that used to be fastened to the railing of our deck before I had my husband move the deck to the back side of the house (see my recycled deck). So, I'm considering what I should do with it now.

I could put it out on a post in my flower gardens since I have a 4x4 post that's already there. But I wondered..What would you do with it?
This is how it looked before I took it down. Now, it's just on a pile of stuff I'm trying to find a new home for. 

Share your WWYD ideas in the comments below and tell me what you think you would do with an old weathervane.

Transformation Tuesday- 15 Minute Mouse Pad Makeover

Today's T2T makeover is quick and simple. And, just in case you misread my title, we aren't going to do a makeover on a mouse house (mouse pad). Although, that's about all it would take for me to make over a mouse nest. I'd transform it into a De-Con bait station.

Do you have a ratty looking mouse pad by your computer? Maybe it has some advertising, or maybe it's just really grubby. Either way, you can transform it in just 15 minutes (not including the time to purchase supplies or stand in front of your fabric scrap bin for half an hour trying to decide which pattern to use).

I'm almost embarrassed to show you the before picture. Eew.
Since I was tired of looking at an ad for a phone company I never used, I wanted something prettier. Here's what I used for materials:
  • Scrap of fabric just slightly bigger than the mouse pad.
  • Fusible web. I used Heat and Bond heavy duty.
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Ironing board
 First, I cut a piece of fabric.

Then, I cut a piece of fusible web and ironed it onto the BACK side of the fabric.
Once that was fused on, I traced the mouse pad. It's important to lay it face down so that it fits right when you fuse it on.

Next, I cut out the shape and peeled the backing off the fusible web to expose the glue.

Now, it was time to fuse it on.
It's important to follow the directions for the fusible web and it's also important not to heat it up too hot. This fuses really fast. After fusing, I flipped it over and checked for any excess hanging over. That's easy to trim up with the scissors.
I did two since I had the stuff out.
And the other one...
Nothing like finishing with a blurry photo. But, since I'm blogging at a local coffee shop and not at home, I can't take a better photo. Boo.

It took me longer to blog about it than it did for me to do the project. Seriously. You can do it!

Muted Monday - Photo of the Week

Can you guess what it is? Leave your answer in the comments below and when someone guesses correctly, I'll reveal the rest of the photo.

Friend Friday

Today and tomorrow, I'm teaching about blogging at a writer's conference in Iowa. And I'll be referring to live examples on my blog all weekend long. That means, I'll be showing them how the Simply Linked tool works too.

So, for friend Friday, I'm asking you to link up below with your favorite recent post from your blog. Show us what you made, your inspiring and witty words, or your hilarious photos.  Let's see how many T2T friends are out there!

What Would You Do Wednesday

Earlier this week, I showed a vintage window photo frame project from Stephanie, a new Trash to Treasure Decorating reader. She's wondering what else she can do with similar vintage windows. You've likely seen some of my creations on the tab for my Etsy page at the top of this site, but I know you all have some other ideas for Stephanie.

For WWYD Wednesday, lets brainstorm about vintage windows.Most of my ideas are more vintage in look, but Stephanie wonders if there is something else that she can do that has a little more contemporary look. Leave your comments below! And maybe we'll have Stephanie pick her favorite idea from the bunch after a few days.
Put your thinking caps on...

Transformation Tuesday- Lamp to Candlestick

I've been, uh, a little too occupied to get out my paints, or fabric, or Silhouette cutter, or anything creative lately. I miss them. Sometimes I hear them crying inside the craft cabinet. Maybe it's just the March wind howling. Either way, I've resorted to poking around then internet when I get the hankering for a good transformation. 

I found this sweet transformation that Gail shared on My Repurposed Life last spring. She transformed an old lamp into a sweet candlestick.

I agree Gail. It was yucky.
 But didn't she do a super-terrific finish on it? Check out the full post on Gail's blog for the instructions on how she did this technique.
 Yup. I want one. 

Thanks for inspiring us for Transformation Tuesday, Gail!

Reader Mail - Your Ideas

I have to apologize for being so absent from blogging for the past few weeks. I've had to make family priority and that's how is should be, right? I lost two grandparents on the same day (different sides of the family) and then, 3 days later, my aunt passed away leaving behind her husband and 3 children. There's something about that much loss all at once that just shakes you up, and makes you think twice about what really matters. I'm so thankful for having faith that holds me together.

On a much happier note, thank you for your reader mail! I just love the letters you send, and so today, I thought I'd share a few of the links that you've shared with me in your letters. Your fun messages life my heart and restore my creative energy.

Ann, from Green Oak Antiques writes, "my customers would love your site!" And I know my readers would love her site. On her rehabbed furniture page, Ann has a heap of stuff that has been rescued from the trash and turned into a treasure. Here are a couple of her photos:
 Thanks Ann!

And then, I received reader mail from Stephanie who created a beautiful window with photos. She has a question for  you related to her window that will be on WWYD Wednesday next week. In the meantime, isn't this great?
Stephanie says, "I found [this window] at a yard sale for $1.00! I had everything at home I needed.  All I had to do was print the pictures.  I have a Ralph Lauren Scarf draped around it (yard sale $2.00) and a desk lamp clamped to the top (yard sale $1.00)."

Thanks Stephanie!

Finally, I received a letter from Jane with an update to her Valentine heart from ticking fabric. Jane says, "My friend gave me the idea of using old book paper around it.  This old frame was given to me by my mother, so I was thrilled to use it.  It didn't have any backing, so I ended up using cardboard and thumb tacks. I cut vinyl letters on my Cricut to stick on the wall."
Isn't that just super? I love it! Thanks for sharing Jane.

Well, that's all for now. I'm looking forward to more reader mail. Keep it coming.


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