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Another Fab TP Roll Makeover!

I'm amazed by what people come up with. Not long ago, I showed you what another blogger made with empty toilet paper tubes. Then I ran across this one. Wow!

Over at Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom, she made this wall art that looks like wrought iron. She's included step by step instructions for the project so you can make one too. Start saving your TP tubes and paper towel tubes!
Photo belongs to Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom

And, check out Suzy's other post where she created this beautiful filigree frame from the same materials. Again, she included a step by step photo tutorial.
Fabulous Suzy! There are a zillion great projects on your site.

Transformation Tuesday - Getting Ready for Fall

I was away speaking at a conference last week and had spotty internet, so I neglected my T2T site. Glad to be back!

This week for Transformation Tuesday, I'd like to show you how subtle changes can make a great transformation. I picked up some wire pumpkins at a yard sale a few weeks ago, but I just didn't know if I liked them as is. I decided they just had too much on them and I wanted to simplify.
See how that little brown painted piece of styrofoam shows? I didn't like the flowers sticking up so high. I also didn't like the plastic-y shine of the wire. So, I ripped it all apart.
Eventually, I decided to rip off that styrofoam piece too. Then I sprayed the wire with a metallic bronze that would give it a little more antique look.

With the hot glue gun, I attached only a few leaves and berries. I used the corkscrew wires from the original on the stems and added a few pieces of torn green calico for a leaf effect. I know, it takes some imagination to call it leafy, but I think I'm happy with how it turned out.
Not a huge transformation, but sometimes, a small change makes something much more appealing. Gotta love yard sale fines!

I Just Keep Finding Ideas for Old Fans

A few weeks ago, I showed several ideas from fellow bloggers for upcycling broken fans. Here's another one! Rose is a self-proclaimed curb shopaholic and she made this sassy little planter from an old fan and a coat tree.

Thanks for the great idea Rose!

Now, I'm off shopping for the day. At yard sales of course! My boys and I are stopping by a few sales before we do our school shopping. I hope to find some T2T steals to share with you all.

What Would You Do With It - WWYD Wednesday

Yesterday, I showed you my CD rack turned scarf and belt holder. Now it's your turn to tell me what you would do with it. Maybe I'll even steal one of your ideas and re-purpose it again!
I'll bet someone can figure out some way to make this into a piece of art.

Transformation Tuesday - Repurposed CD Rack

I'm going to squeak a T2T makeover in here quick before the end of the day. I had a speaking event today and a big one coming up in a few days, so I couldn't spend much time on transforming anything. However, I had just removed my CD's from their rack and put them on a new shelf that I found at a garage sale. They'll get less dusty on the new shelf and it holds lots more.

So I was left with this CD holder...
It's about 4 feet tall, even though it doesn't appear very tall in the photo.

I thought about the belts and scarves that I had squished in my closet on hangers and thought maybe this could make a nice holder. It did. 5 minute transformation. Score!
 By draping the scarves over it and feeding the tails through to the back, I can easily see exactly what I have from the front. Belts can hang on the knobs sticking up at the top.
 Here it is in place in the closet. Oh, and the thing hanging on the wall is where I store the other scarves...the ones that I wear a lot. Yeah, I know. I have a lot of them that I've collected over many years.
 That wall scarf holder is something I made a while back with old door knobs from my grandma's house. No, I didn't steal them. They were tearing down the house and I salvaged them.
That's just a rustic picture frame with some mat-board and leftover wallpaper border with door knobs added. Works great for necklaces too.

Decor Going Down the Tubes...In Style

Sometimes we refer to trash to treasure as something that got a makeover, but wasn't truly "trash". But other times, it's literally trash turned into treasure. Chris from Just a Girl Blog used toilet paper tubes to make this art for her wall. She gives step by step instructions on the full post, so check it out if you'd like to make your own art.

Isn't that clever?
Photo belongs to Just a Girl Blog

Another Fan Cage Project - WWYD?

Yesterday, I showed you a fan cage project from fellow blogger Little Miss Lovely. Today, I found another fan cage idea...Yes, I can hear you groaning because you just threw one of these out last week when the 100+ temps did your fan in. Sorry!

Brooklyn Modern features a fan turned into a classy light.
Photo from Brooklyn Modern

So, these projects got me thinking...What would my readers do with a broken fan? For today's What Would You Do Wednesday (WWYD), I'm wondering what you would make from the fan cage, or the fan blade...or any other recycled part of a fan. Post your ideas below, and if you have a link to a project you've made with an upcycled fan, please post the link to your post or send me an e-mail with a photo.

I'm a Real "Fan" of this Transformation

What do you do when a fan stops working? Recycle its parts! Ami over on Little Miss Lovely blog came up with this jewelry chandelier from the cage part of an old fan. Ami, I'm a "fan" of what you transformed it into! Check out the full post on Ami's blog.
Photo belongs to Ami at Little Miss Lovely

Muted Monday - Photo of the Week

I doctored up a photo I took with Picnik. Perhaps this could be called reverse T2T since I made it look older. :-)


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