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Transformation Tuesday - Kid's Stool from a Wire Spool

I'm back with another feature from Hey Bernice! She transformed a plain wire spool into the cutest kids stools. A little paint and a chunk of fabric is all it takes to go from this:

to this!

Weekend Pinterest Favorites

My favorites from Pinterest this week. I tried to track the photos down to the original blogs. Notice the mason jar theme...

This mason jar idea makes for creative storage of arts and crafts supplies and much more! See the original post on Weeping Cherries.
These jars are tinted for decoration purposes. See how to make them on the Momtastic blog.
Better Homes and Gardens shows some pendant lights made from mason jars.
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 And I saw this other pendant light idea on Pinterest too, but I couldn't find the blog it belonged to. When you click the photo, you'll land on the site where I got if from.

Pallet Shelf Idea

I love these pallet shelves featured by the Real Housewives of Bucks County. Wonder if my husband would miss a few if I took some pallets off the burn pile. Would he notice if I brought more junk in the house?  Hee hee.

You'll have to hop over to the Real Housewives of Bucks County blog to get the full tutorial and all the pictures.

What Would You Do Wednesday - Umbrella

Browsing around on Pinterest, my new obsession, I saw this idea for decorating with an umbrella.
I'd credit the owner of this photo, but this link is all I can find PHOTO
That picture got me thinking...what would I do with an old umbrella? What would you do?

It's WWYD Wednesday. Think about grandpa's umbrella that's too broken to use outdoors. Or that fantastic printed one that you can't part with. How would you use it in decorating. Share your ideas and feel free to include a hyperlink to something you've created on your own website.

Transformation Tuesday- Bed Frame Turned Bench

I'm finally cleaning up all of my e-mails from my inbox from last year and I've discovered a few that I flagged and then didn't return to in a timely manner. Like the one from a reader named Tammy with photos of a great project that she and her husband did. My apologies, Tammy! It's time for my readers to see your transformation!

Tammy took a bed frame set and turned it into this sweet bench. By cutting down the headboard, and cutting the foot board in half, they had the framework. All they had to add was a seat.
The red is really fun, but I'll admit, I'd have loved it almost as much if they'd have stained the seat part to match the headboard. It just shows that T2T makeovers can be transformed to any style or preference!

My Pinterest Faves from this Week

Welcome to the weekend Pinterest feature of my three favorites "pins" from this week. These black and white projects are all fabulous examples of re-purposing and getting creative.

I love this idea for painting the inside of a pantry cabinet with chalkboard paint from Eleven Magnolia Lane.
I love, love love these paper roses made from old books featured on Pinterest from 100 Layer Cake.
This upcycled silver serving spoon turned wall sconce from Katies Rose Cottage Designs Blog is sweet.

Patio from Scraps of Stone Counter Tops

I just have to share this project that Deb from Deborah Jean's Dandelion House shared with me. Her husband, who works for a stone company, saved the pieces of scrap granite that usually go in a dumpster after a project and he put them to good use in their back yard.

Isn't this fabulous?
Check out Deborah Jean's full post to see the whole project.

That's one thrifty and labor-intensive upcycle!

Transformation Tuesday - Modern, Monogram Dresser

T2T Reader Leslie from Sweet, Sweet Simplicity shared a transformation project with me recently.

She took this plain dresser...
She notched out the fronts to match an idea she'd seen on Anthropologie...
...and turned it into this:
I love it Leslie! It's a perfect for Transformation Tuesday. Check out the full post with Leslie's step-by-step process at Sweet Sweet Simplicity.

I'm Hooked on Pinterest

Follow Me on PinterestI finally had a chance to check out Pinterest today. I'll admit, I didn't see what all the hype was about until I actually signed up and played with it. Oh. My. There is just a ton of great stuff on there! Lots of great T2T ideas too. I resisted because I didn't want to waste more time surfing around the internet, but...I'm hooked and I can't help it!

In fact, I've decided to make it a regular feature. I'll feature Pinterest Projects on weekends. (Check out the other features such as Transformation Tuesday, WWYD Wednesday, and more).

Check out these fun projects I found in my browsing:

I'll show more in the coming weeks. And you'll find some of my favorite T2T pics from my blog and others in the Crafts and Decorating section of my Pinterest Page.
Follow Me on Pinterest

Transformation Tuesday - Kitchen Cart Makeover

Whew, it's good to be back! I ended up taking a lot of December and the entire holiday season off from T2T blogging because I just couldn't keep up with everything. I missed the blog and my readers, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I know, I just made the grammar police reach for their ticket books with that "gotta" stuff.

Let's get back int he T2T groove with a brand new Transformation Tuesday project.

Linn and her husband, from The Home Project, have been transforming their kitchen and she wanted to share one of their furniture makeovers with my T2T readers.

She transformed this kitchen cart:
Into this:
Isn't that cool? Here's what Linn says they did: 

"We sanded the cart lightly, then painted the base an antique white semi gloss paint (the same paint as we refinished our kitchen cabinets in) and stained the top a red mahogany stain. After a few finishing coats of polyurethane on the top, and a new towel bar on the side, it feels just like new!"

Check out Linn's full post to see the step-by-step transformation. She shows how to get that fabulous mahogany looking finish on the top.

Thanks Linn for the inspiration!


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