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Transformation Tuesday- Lamp to Candlestick

I've been, uh, a little too occupied to get out my paints, or fabric, or Silhouette cutter, or anything creative lately. I miss them. Sometimes I hear them crying inside the craft cabinet. Maybe it's just the March wind howling. Either way, I've resorted to poking around then internet when I get the hankering for a good transformation. 

I found this sweet transformation that Gail shared on My Repurposed Life last spring. She transformed an old lamp into a sweet candlestick.

I agree Gail. It was yucky.
 But didn't she do a super-terrific finish on it? Check out the full post on Gail's blog for the instructions on how she did this technique.
 Yup. I want one. 

Thanks for inspiring us for Transformation Tuesday, Gail!


  1. Thanks Michelle! I appreciate the feature.


  2. Gail is so week would not be complete without her!! Nice feature you done on her!! I'm off to check out some of your posts too.



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