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Swagbucks Birthday

Well, I may have misunderstood the e-mail I received from Swagbucks about birthday codes, because they didn't send me one today. I've e-mailed to check on it. But, if you are already a Swagbucks member, you'll find special birthday codes all over the web today. They'll give clues on the Swagbucks facebook page for ways you can find the codes today. Then enter them on your Swagbucks page to get credit. 

Not a member? Check my post from last week for how you can sign up for points. Today is the last day of the birthday bash, so I'll be back to normal trash to treasure blogging tomorrow. Whew!

Swagbucks Extra

Swagbucks is having a birthday, and they've given me permission to share several special codes just for my readers. I'm a T2T bargain hunter and I also love a good freebie, so I just had to share.

Swagbucks is a great way to get reward points to earn gift cards and prizes just for using their search engine and taking advantage of special offers that give points. Plus, they give out codes almost daily in the blog, on their facebook site and in their code widget. In honor of their 3rd birthday celebration, they are remodeling the site and giving out some great codes. The big birthday celebration is on Monday, Feb. 28 and I'll be posting a special code for free Swagbucks points on that day. But in the meantime, if you aren't already signed up for Swagbucks, right now, you can get 50 bonus swagbucks at registration when you enter this code: 3rdBirthday116 . You'll need to copy and paste that code into the box on the registration page. The code expires on Feb. 28.

Sign up and start earning today with any of the orangy colored links in this post or by clicking the banner below. And again, be sure to watch for the special birthday code coming in a few days for those are already members.
Search & Win

Transformation Tuesday- Reader Idea

Deb from Deborah Jean's Dandelion House Home Arts has done some cute transformation projects. Check out this sweet magazine rack turned planter.
Thanks for giving me permission to share your project Deb. Didn't she take great photos?
She has other transformations too, like her furniture makeover.

Friend Friday

It's Friend Friday and I hope you had a great week. It's also my day to add a hodgepodge of notes...

Once again, you have an opportunity to link up your blog. We live and learn by our mistakes, and trial and error. And, I discovered with me last Friend Friday, that when you ask for friendly spam, you get a HEAP of unfriendly spam. Sigh. So, I'm trying a new link tool called Simply Linked. Just make sure you link to a specific post and not just the general domain name of your blog. There are no rules, other than that I request no spam, meaning pure advertisements for products or links to items you have for sale on etsy. Other than that, I'd love to see your blog for inspiration, humor, craft projects, and of course your fab trash to treasure projects!

I've also made a change to comments for the blog. I can no longer allow anonymous comments due to a high volume of spam. So, you'll just need to make sure you use your free Google ID, or one of the other sources listed when you comment. Thanks for understanding!

If you're a swagbucks saver, watch for a special code that I'll be posting in next week's Friend Friday post. If you haven't signed up yet, I'll have a little incentive for you in that post too!
Search & Win

Well, that's about all folks! Have a fabulous weekend. Don't forget your link below.

What Would You Do Wednesday- Double

I've been swamped with normal life and haven't been able to keep up on the blog as much as I'd like to. This means, I haven't done a What Would You Do Wednesday (WWYD) feature in a long time! Today, I'll make up for it with a double...two items that have me stumped. 

The first is a gift I received from Christmas from a dear friend. It was filled with bit sized chocolates and candy, and now, I'm looking for some ways I might be able to use it in my home. I can think of a few, but I know my wonderful readers will have even better ones!

I'm not even sure what it would be called exactly. It stands 14 inches tall with the glass stopper in place, so it seems large for a decanter of some sort, but is that what it is?  It's beautiful. So what would you do with it?

The other WWYD feature comes from a T2T reader. She picked up a heap of these scraps of wood from a local manufacturer and sent some to me. They are around 4 inches long and some have holes in them whereas others are just dowels. She wants to know if there is any use for them other than for woodstove kindling.
 Looks like there were going to be handles for something. 

Leave your comments below and tell me what you would do with these. I'll pick a winning idea next week. No prize, but I'll gladly link to your blog if you're the winner.

Transformation Tuesday- Reader Idea

Today's Transformation Tuesday project comes from reader Jane Oetterer. She sent me photos and directions for a project she recently completed. When Jane had a chair that was beyond usefulness, she transformed it by taking it apart and recycling the pieces.

Jane says, "I had an awesome old chair that wasn't structurally sound, so I dismantled it.  I zig-zag sewed together the seat support strips in a weaved pattern.  Then I hand sewed on rope around the edge.  I'm kind of simple in style, so I left it plain.  But I think a valentine theme word could be attached to it, but I'd hate to take away from the antique beauty and hand written markings.  A tip to others: I see you can purchase this material at walmart in the sewing trim and lace section now! Sorry, I don't know what the material is called."

Anyone know what those strips are called? Jane and I would really like to know!
Check out these photos Jane took of the project:
Thanks for sharing Jane! I love it!

If enjoyed seeing Jane's project and you have an idea you'd like to share with my readers, just shoot me an e-mail and include a couple of photos.



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