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Friend Friday - Plus a Transformation

It's great to be back to the blog. A vacation from blogging is good every now and then. A few weeks ago on Friend Friday, Amber from The Gypsie Trunk posted a sweet project that I just have to share. She made a clever coffee table from pallets.
Isn't that just plain cool? Love it!

Now if you want to know how Amber made this coffee table, you're going to have to hop over to her post at The Gypsie Trunk for the tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration, Amber.
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I'll Be Back Next Week

I've not blogged at all this week! I'm taking a short break and I'll be back next week. This week, I'm buckling down in earnest to work on my book project. And, I'm attending Women of Faith in St. Paul, MN as a blogger. I'm so excited! I'll be blogging about the conference over at Faith Creativity Life and tweeting from @michellerayburn. 

I can't wait to show you my latest trash to treasure project next week! Here's a involves chalkboard paint.

Friend Friday - Link Your Blog

Happy Fall!

It's Friend Friday and it's your turn to show us what you've been up to on your blog. Have you made fall projects, read a great book, did a homemaking project we'd love to see? Then link up with the Simply Linked tool below. It really is that simple. Just find you latest favorite post from your website, copy the html address that you see in the top or your browser window and paste it into the link tool.

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Thanks for being a Trash to Treasure friend!

What Would You Do Wednesday - Vintage Milk Cooler

When I was a little girl, we drank milk from glass bottles at school. A milkman delivered the bottles to the school in metal crates. That was after the days when a milkman also used to do home deliveries, lest you think I'm that old. But speaking of the days of deliveries, I found an old milk cooler in a pile of garbage my husband was hauling away for some neighbors. I snatched it up thinking I could do something with it.

This is the type of box you'd leave on your porch and the milkman would bring milk every day. In fact, I think it might be called a porch box. 
Now I need your help. What would you do with it? It has a styrofoam type liner inside and there is some rust inside the bottom, but I'm sure you can help me come up with some use for it. We have to, or else my husband will harass me to pieces about saving this thing from the trash.
 Leave your comments below and maybe I'll use one of your ideas and post it in a future blog entry. Check out the other stuff I snagged from that load of garbage. I know, it's a husband's nightmare, but I couldn't help myself. Watch for future posts showing what I plan to do with this stuff.

Transformation Tuesday - Even Functional Spaces Can Look Better

We live in an unusual house. Our "family room" is really an old church sanctuary. The house is basically a ranch house (the former parsonage) attached to an old country church. We use that sanctuary for storage, and a big game room for teenagers...this week it will be used to host a post-homecoming party for teens.

A while back, my husband installed a wood stove so we could heat the 44 by 24 foot room without huge cost. We followed all of the necessary precautions to make it fireproof, but we went for function, not beauty. After all, the room is quite dated with the paneling and partially carpeted, partially rough wood floors.
Recently, we upgraded to a better wood stove and decided to use up some castoff tile that was left in a pile where my husband works. It's some sort of clay, I believe. Anyway, we didn't care if there were a few chips here and there. It was the family room after all. So my husband covered over the bare cement board with tile. We've still got some trimming out to do, but I think it added a lot of "warmth" to the room, in more than one way.
Even functional spaces can be made to look better!

I've been doing a lot of transforming at home lately, just not in the T2T realm. I've cleaned cupboards and sorted files. I shampooed carpets and rearranged furniture a little. Guess I've got fall fever. I'm nesting down for a long Wisconsin winter.

New Button

I've just designed new button and added it to the sidebar. If I feature your blog here on T2T, feel free to grab the code for the button and paste it into HTML on your site.

Like it?

Trash to Treasure Decorating

Transformation Tuesday - Chair Restoration

I found this amazing transformation and just had to share it with you. Bernice (aka Belinda) from Hey Bernice! found a set of chairs by the side of the road and rescued them from the big green trash truck monster. Smart snatch there, Bernice! You've go an eye for T2T value.

Bernice took the chairs from this... this!
I still can't get over how amazing that is. Check out Bernice's full post so you can see just what she did to create this stunning transformation. And Bernice, we know the satisfaction of transforming something. We know.


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