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Budget Office Desk

I've had an upcycled desk for quite a while, but I needed to make some changes to get more space. My main office desk is a small desk (the kind you buy in a box and assemble at home) and it was was too small for what I do. So, I put an old door on top of the desk and I use the hole from the door knob for my computer cords.

For a while, I've had a cabinet door along the side for more space to put stuff. But there just wasn't enough room.
So I hunted around for another door. My husband found me an old closet door that was just skinny enough to fit the purpose and long enough too! I propped one end on my current desk and the other on a file cabinet.
The lamp cord goes right through the hole left behind by a handle.
 My L-shaped configuration.
Now, I can spread out my papers and really dig into a project. I love my Trash to Treasure office!

Need a bigger desk surface in your office? I've seen many doors at garage sales, so I bet you can find one.


  1. What a great idea! I need more space, too!

  2. Such a simple fix! Love the idea! The door knob hole is such a great use for the cords.

  3. I like that you figure out creative ways to solve your home furniture and decorating needs. Hope your "new" desk works out great for you.



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