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WWYD Wednesday - Vintage Doors

Someone one Craigslist was selling a bunch of these doors from an old school for $45 each. If you bought one, what would you do with it? Would you use it for decorating in some way? Would you alter it, paint it, use it for another purpose? The listing said there is a film over some of the panes, so I'm assuming that even though one is clearer than the rest, it isn't missing.
It's WWYD Wednesday, so feel free to share your ideas on what you would do,or post a link to a blog post showing something you've done with an old door in the comments below.

Transformation Tuesday

I promised you part two of the features from blogger Aubre from Ohio. Did you have a chance to check out The Rice's World?

Here are a few more of Aubre's transformations.

She took these cardboard boxes...
 ...and turned them into this play kitchen center.
 These plastic milk jugs became a clever costume.
 Aubre refinished this table with a coat of paint.
And, I like how she gave it a distressed look by letting some of the black show. We T2T'ers think alike! We take something old and make it look different, yet still distressed. LOL
 This Americana flag became something more modern...
Thanks for sharing Aubre! By the way, I love the color of your wall. I have an accent wall in my office in the same color.

WWYD Wednesday- Pallet Ideas

I see post about pallets all over the web, especially on Pinterest. Craigslist has many listings for free pallets, so what would you do with them? What have you already done with them?
Share your ideas in the comments below, and feel free to link up to a blog post of a pallet project you've done.

Transformation Tuesday- American Girl Dollhouse from TV Center

Today's transformation comes from reader Jennifer, from Caught My Fancy blog. Jennifer took a TV entertainment center and turned it into an awesome American Girl doll house!
Jennifer has some close-ups of the detail. It's amazing!

You'll have to check out Jennifer's blog for a detailed, multi-post progress report and how-to if you'd like to make one yourself. I don't have a little girl, but if I did...

WWYD Wednesday - Coffee Table Missing Glass

I saw this coffee/end table listed for free on Craigslist. It's too far away for me to even consider getting it, however, I wondered what you would do to rescue it if it was in your possession. It's missing all the glass, so it's only a wood frame basically.
Leave your ideas for how you could re-do it, fill in the spaces, etc. to make this a functioning table in the comments below.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Transformation Tuesday

Aubre, from Ohio, sent me some photos of her latest transformations. She's been busy turning trash to treasure! I'll feature some of her ideas this week and then watch for part two later this month. Plus, check out her blog, The Rice's World for more ideas.

This bird bath would certainly add color to a garden!
 Aubre took a bunch of windows and transformed them into art.
 Doesn't she have fun colorful taste?
 This one is my favorite!
This dollhouse got a major upgrade.
Thanks for sharing Aubre! Be sure to grab my "I was featureed" button on the side.

Weekend Top 6 Most Pinteresting

Since I asked a question about what you would do with a wire basket in WWYD Wednesday, I'll share some of my favorite wire basket ideas from Pinterest.

I have several wire baskets that came from a freezer, and I use two of them on the shelves in my refrigerator. They hold all of the little jars that usually would get lost at the back of the frig and I can pull them out like drawers to get to stuff. However, I'm thinking I might rescue them for decorating after seeing the fun ideas on Pinterest.

I love this basket. See post
This one is featured in a catalog. It might look vintage, but it's imported. See post
I wouldn't have thought of putting baskets on the wall for books, but what a great idea! See post
And here's another idea for baskets on the wall. I think it may be a bicycle basket. See Post
I love this basket used as a lamp "shade". It doesn't shade much, but it makes a great statement. See post
Hanging the other way, a basket with candles makes a romantic chandelier. See post.

I hope you found those as Pinteresting as I did. Happy weekend!

Friend Friday- Link Your Blog

It's been a long while since I had a Friend Friday on T2T, and I have lots of new readers, so here's my chance to get to know you. On Friend Friday, you get to link up your blog and show us a favorite recent post.

I don't have very many rules. You aren't obligated to create a link back on your blog, but I love it when you do. 

All I ask is that your link be to a specific blog post, not to the main URL to your blog. And, I request that you not link Etsy stores or commercial sites. I delete spam. Other than that, your posts can be Trash to Treasure related, cooking, family, inspirational...whatever inspires you.

See the Simply Linked tool below to link up! Are you an e-mail reader and can't see the link tool? Just hop over to the blog to leave your link.

WWYD Wednesday - Wire Bins

Let's imagine, you're cleaning the basement and you find some old wire bins. What will you do with them? Will you use them for decorating? Something more practical? Recycle them?
It's WWYD Wednesday, so tell us what you would do in the comments section. Feel free to add a link to a blog post where you've shown how you used wire baskets too.

Weekend Most Pinteresting

I was at a crafters retreat all weekend, and I forgot to set up a post before I left. Oops. So, I'll share my most favorite and "pinteresting" finds from last week.

I love this little memo board from Cinnaberry Suite. It's made from a cookie sheet!
This unnusal shelf from Better Homes and Gardens caught my eye. I have one hanging right side up by my front door, but this one is unique.
I like the creative use of an old door knob in this bird house.
Birdhouse Blues
Aren't these snowmen from Mason jars or mayonnaise jars cute? Weeping Cherries has the whole tutorial.
This tutorial on Moda Bake Shop teaches how to turn a ruined lamp shade into a fantastic quilted shade.

And that's what I find Pinteresting!


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