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WWYD Wednesday- Pallet Ideas

I see post about pallets all over the web, especially on Pinterest. Craigslist has many listings for free pallets, so what would you do with them? What have you already done with them?
Share your ideas in the comments below, and feel free to link up to a blog post of a pallet project you've done.


  1. I've made a few things from them, but my favorite is my coffee table. I am actually going to pick up some pallets today to make a bed frame for our guest room.

  2. I did... (well really I made my husband do) a head board for my bed.

    then I added this:

    I love pallets!

  3. Amber and Claudia, I love the projects!

    Michelle (T2T Decorating)

  4. My husband made a simple and rustic looking coffee table to sit in front of the bench that he made for the porch. i did not paint it, but left it looking weathered. Not perfect or fancy, but just right for a farmhouse porch!



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