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WWYD Wednesday - Vintage Doors

Someone one Craigslist was selling a bunch of these doors from an old school for $45 each. If you bought one, what would you do with it? Would you use it for decorating in some way? Would you alter it, paint it, use it for another purpose? The listing said there is a film over some of the panes, so I'm assuming that even though one is clearer than the rest, it isn't missing.
It's WWYD Wednesday, so feel free to share your ideas on what you would do,or post a link to a blog post showing something you've done with an old door in the comments below.


  1. Put quilt blocks in the window area? Or maybe a poster showing an outdoor scene?


  2. I would paint the whole door, then, as if each glass pane were a picture frame, I would print out black and white...or sepia, family photos and put one in each opening. Maybe look for a cool clear glass doorknob for it as well.

  3. I would to love to have three of these doors to use as a screen for my patio / personal space of our backyard area -- I love the idea of them being a 'semi' block from the neighbors...yet still let light and the view in ...

  4. We made a mirror about of an old door- the door became the "frame" for the mirrow




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