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What Would You Do Wednesday - Umbrella

Browsing around on Pinterest, my new obsession, I saw this idea for decorating with an umbrella.
I'd credit the owner of this photo, but this link is all I can find PHOTO
That picture got me thinking...what would I do with an old umbrella? What would you do?

It's WWYD Wednesday. Think about grandpa's umbrella that's too broken to use outdoors. Or that fantastic printed one that you can't part with. How would you use it in decorating. Share your ideas and feel free to include a hyperlink to something you've created on your own website.


  1. This was so beautiful. I will think before I throw them away.

    Hugs Bente

  2. I love this! Now I am in the hunt for an umbrella---ready to create something awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hey Michelle, I can't give you the original artist for that particular door, but here's a post from my buddy Pam at BeColorful, where she started with that same inspiration pic, and made one of her own, she loves door candy, has an entire tag for it, lol! Anyways, here's the link:

  4. How cute is that umbrella and to think I just threw one away! Enjoy your day, Gail



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