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Transformation Tuesday - Getting Ready for Fall

I was away speaking at a conference last week and had spotty internet, so I neglected my T2T site. Glad to be back!

This week for Transformation Tuesday, I'd like to show you how subtle changes can make a great transformation. I picked up some wire pumpkins at a yard sale a few weeks ago, but I just didn't know if I liked them as is. I decided they just had too much on them and I wanted to simplify.
See how that little brown painted piece of styrofoam shows? I didn't like the flowers sticking up so high. I also didn't like the plastic-y shine of the wire. So, I ripped it all apart.
Eventually, I decided to rip off that styrofoam piece too. Then I sprayed the wire with a metallic bronze that would give it a little more antique look.

With the hot glue gun, I attached only a few leaves and berries. I used the corkscrew wires from the original on the stems and added a few pieces of torn green calico for a leaf effect. I know, it takes some imagination to call it leafy, but I think I'm happy with how it turned out.
Not a huge transformation, but sometimes, a small change makes something much more appealing. Gotta love yard sale fines!


  1. Oh, these turned out so nice!

  2. I thought it looked nice to start with, but the finished product looks way better. You did a nice job.



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