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What Would You Do With This?

This, week, on What Would You Do With This Wednesday I'm featuring a question from fellow blogger Karyn from CanDarBry Garden. Karyn bought some fabulous pieces second hand, but now she's wondering what she should do with them, so I had her send me photos of her purchases.

First, she bought this cool mirror, and no doubt, she won't have any trouble figuring out what to do with such a fabulous piece.
 But along with the mirror, Karyn got a harp. No, it isn't a musical harp. It's the name given to the piece that an antique mirror would hang from. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Karyn should hang the mirror on the harp, between the bolts where it belongs. Great idea! Except this mirror doesn't fit that harp.

So, Karyn needs our help in coming up with a creative way to use that harp in decorating somehow. Okay, okay, don't harp on me. I'll give you some more pictures. (I couldn't resist a pun or two).

The harp
 Close-up Detail
 I know one of you has a brilliant idea out there. So tell me your idea in 300 characters or fewer on the MckLinky tool below. And feel free to link up to your blog so we can visit you. Karyn will choose WWYD winner next week based on the idea she likes best and I'll post the name.

Sorry, I can't afford prizes, but I'm happy to tweet your name and send you some blog traffic! Special thanks to Jill S. for the winning idea for the furniture refinish.

Do you have something you'd like some What Would You Do ideas for? Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and I'd love to feature your item. 

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  1. Hi again, I tried to put your button on my post, the link works, but the image doesn't come up... Did I do it wrong?

  2. Well, since she is my sister, If I owned it, I would give it to Karyn- because she likes that kind of junque.



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