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Door Repurposed

A Door Becomes a Coat Rack

I've always wanted one of those coat racks/hall trees that has a bench. My sister has a nice one with a mirror and it's expensive classy. Being more of a rustic decorator myself, I thought maybe I could come up with something a similar, yet reflecting my own style. When I moved into my house, this door was hiding among a stack of other stuff left behind in the basement and one day when I was dreaming about my coat rack idea, inspiration hit.

I already owned the Americana bench. I found it at a yard sale when a crafter was going out of business. To carry out my idea, I purchased some heavy duty coat hooks in the hardware department of our local home improvement store. I chose the ones that are a couple dollars each because they are nicer looking than cheap plain silver hooks. I had my husband help me attach the hooks to the door. Then I propped the bench in front of it. I didn't attach it because it makes it easier to move around.

Why do I need moveable pieces? Because I rearrange constantly! Anyone else relate to my obsession? My hubby never knows what to expect when he comes home.

Anyway, I started out with the "coat rack" just leaning up against one wall, but I thought it looked awkward there, so eventually, I came up with the idea of putting it back to back with a bookshelf. This makes a little entry area in my living room which I like. I anchored the 2 pieces together by pounding an upholstry tack into each one and then wrapping lightweight wire around both, like a toggle. Then I piled some tchotchkes and a plant on the top to disguise the height difference of the pieces.

Now I have a place to store mittens and seasonal stuff, and everything I have to hide when company comes over who knows what else. 

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