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Steampunk: Trash to Treasure Becomes a Family Addiction

The trash to treasure addiction has begun to spread to the rest of the family! My son who is a high school student has an interest in welding. So earlier this year, he created this steampunk sculpture for a welding competition. He got to go all the way to the national Skills USA competition in Kansas City this past summer.

His sculpture involves different types of metal, thus different types of welds. I know nothing about welding, so he has me trumped in this department. I do however have a high appreciation for his skills. 
I know the green doily just doesn't jive with the sculpture. It's just that it was scratching the antique table, so I had to put something under it. Any ideas for something more appropriate to use to protect the table that would fit with the steam punk piece?


  1. Love it! Great job by your son! My daughter is really big into Steampunk, from her decor to her fashion! Fun seeing it here!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

    1. Thanks Kristy! Your comment called my spelling error to my attention. I don't know enough about steampunk to know it's spelled as one word. :-) Fixed it!

  2. Very nice! For something under the sculpture, how about a piece of brown or black felt cut with pinking sheers or scalloped edges (could even have sort of a cut out look like making a snowflake design). Or a piece of leather or suede underneath. Or if you didn't want it to show, could you just cut a piece of felt the size of the base (or slightly larger) and hot glue it to bottom. It would also be cool if you could somehow clip to the 6 open holes, something to hold candles. Would look neat with votives in a circle.

  3. How about a large book about art or welding or antique furniture to put under the sculpture

  4. A leather coaster would be awesome! Old purse or boot?

  5. A large leather coaster would be awesome! Old purse or boot?



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