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WWYD Wednesday - Wood Finials

I picked up these two finials at a yard sale. I'm not sure what I'll do with them just yet, but I know someone out there will have an idea for WWYD Wednesday. They normally would screw into the end of a wooded drapery rod, but I'm looking for something less traditional.
They are made of wood, and they have wood screws attached. What would you do with this?


  1. I would paint one a pale blue and paint a blue bird sitting on a branch. Possibly wrapping the branch all the way around. Today is July 4th, I would paint a flag around the other maybe?

  2. Use them as bookends on an open, wall mounted shelf. Just screw it right into the shelf itself.

  3. Do you have anywhere you can screw then in!? Mane something non traditional is always about saw off the screws and use them simply as paper could re paint them for a office



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