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A Decorative Fireplace Mantel with Old Shutters

A few weeks ago, my readers left several great ideas for my WWYD Wednesday post about old shutters. I'd like to share a couple of photos sent to me from reader Julieanne. She says, "I found the old mantle at an auction for $70 and added the shutters and glass handles! Absolutely love the finished result!"

Me too Julieanne! Check out this before and after, everyone.
I love it Julieanne! I think a fake fireplace adds a lot to a room. I have one too, but yours is fabulous! Do you hide anything behind the shutters? I like how the transformation sets off the mirrors and that ornate piece in the middle.

Thanks for sharing with us. 

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    I would have kept that chair as well! She is a beauty! I love the vintage chesterfield also! Iv'e had my eyes peeled for a while now, no dice so far.



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