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Fireplace Makeover - Before and After

I missed Transformation Tuesday this week, so I thought I'd share on Friday. Yeah. Makes sense to me. Although Transformation Friday just doesn't have the same ring.

I saw this before and after fireplace makeover online and had to share it with you. The Yellow Cape Cody by Sarah Macklem Interiors shows how easy it is to take a dated red brick fireplace and give it a facelift for only the cost of paint mixed with water!  I love the whitewashed look.

Photo from The Yellow Cape Cod
Photo from The Yellow Cape Cod
Be sure to check out the full post on The Yellow Cape Cod for instructions on how you can do this yourself.


  1. Wow I love what you did makes the room look so much warmer

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great blog, excited to poke around. Thanks again, Sarah



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