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Antique Glaze Technique for "New" Old Look

For Transformation Tuesday, I'd like to feature a very helpful tutorial from fellow blogger Traci at Beneath My Heart. Traci transformed her patio furniture from this:
Photo from Beneath My Heart
 To this!
Photo from Beneath My Heart
 Traci's full blog post gives a wonderful tutorial on how she did this fabulous "aged" finish. I love how she wasn't put off by some crackles in the paint. She just used it to work with her finish. You'll love the up close photos of each step in the process. 

Do you have an idea for Transformation Tuesday? Send me an e-mail or a link to your blog.


  1. Wow! That Traci is amazing! I will have to go check her out and follow her blog!
    (hee, hee)
    Thanks for the shout out! I am going to "tweet" your post.

  2. @Traci@ Beneath My Heart

    Thanks Traci, for the tweet and for stopping by! --Michelle



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