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Recycling Windows into Art Displays

I bought this old window at a yard sale and then created quilt panels to fit behind the panes. The quilt panels are just fronts with no quilt batting or hand quilting, so for the quilter, it's an easy project! And if your quilt panel isn't quite the right size, just add a border until it is the right size to fill the frame.

To attach the quilt panels to the window, I used a sturdy tape, but you could use a staple gun, tacky glue, or hot glue, depending on how permanent you want it to be. To finish off the display, I added a rake head affixed with a nail in the center of the window sash and hung dried flowers and garden tools from the rake. The sign above the window was also a yard sale find.

I'm participating in the "I Made it Without My Hubby" link party at:
Shanty 2 Chic

Trash to Treasure Decorating


  1. Way to go!! What a fun idea for an old window.. I LOVE old windows! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Beautiful colors! I have some old windows that need some love, and this kinda thing might just work. :O)
    peace, cindy

  3. That is a great and creative way to use an old window...I love old windows too! I like the rake head with the dried flowers as well! Thanks so much for linking up with us!~Ashley

  4. Neat idea...looks awesome...thank soooo much for sharing.

  5. Creative-Brutus Said I love your stuff you post
    if everyone out there could just take a few minutes out of there lives and not toss everything in the trash they don't want and creat the things you do, then or land fields would not look the way they do. PS thank you for all the tips you share with us.



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